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Renewable Energy and Sustainable Agriculture

FWT has partnered with EcoWindWater which prides itself in delivering sustainable ecological solutions; these includes but are not limited to:

  • Operate 100% with wind, sun, and potentially wave energy - no other fuel. 

  • Installation far from the coast, avoiding any ecological impact or any stress to the environment. Use in deep open waters also: (a) takes advantage of stronger wind consistency; (b) avoids issues of aesthetics; (c) bypasses bureaucracy; and d) overcomes constraints of land use.

  • Avoid environmental impact related with the opening of new roads that is required for land-based wind parks and the required infrastructure for transmission of the energy produced to the desalination unit.

  • No chemical additives used in the desalination process.

EcoWindWater, collaborating with FWT.  In support of the national endeavor, is not just only giving superior clean sources of energy. They are empowering the nation by giving the state and the community the means by which to meet growing energy demands while taking advantage of natural renewable power supplies.

Free World Trade Inc employs the use of solar, wind and wave technology to provide power and lighting in growing, producing and cold storage. 

Water desalination is also used as a source of crop irrigation and a method of purification for the water used in our systems.

It is also our objective to implement climate-resilient and Smart/Hydroponic farms to maximize output levels to a year-round supply of food to the U.S., Middle East, Asia and other regions.

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