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Tropical Climate

Tropical weather supports the growth of vibrant, fresh produce all year. With Beautiful sunlight and fertile soil.

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It is our aim to always provide produce of the highest standard, when it comes to freshness and the overall taste.

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We want everyone to enjoy the right food with the right nutrition. Nothing taste as good as organic food.

Organic Farming


The Caribbean islands are set apart in their own unique way, particularly as it relates to their landmass and tropical climate. The soil is richly fertile, which allows for a wide variety of food production and the islands are strategically located to benefit richly from the sunlight and tropical wind.

Combined, these characteristics make the Caribbean one of the largest food pantries in the world; producing and supplying a wide variety of vegetables and fruits globally. Agriculture throughout the Caribbean is one of its major economic sectors, providing financial stability for many families.

Utilizing a multinational network, FWT aims to source and supply the flavors of the Caribbean across the globe to buyers and distributors: Tropical Fresh and Organic

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We are pleased to announce a premium line of organic and chemical-free strawberries grown on the beautiful island of Jamaica 🇯🇲….coming soon to a supermarket near you.  The Jamaican strawberries 🍓 will be offered via e-commerce platforms and the Free World Trade Inc mobile app for Android and Iphone.

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They say, the greatest health is the greatest wealth. Add years to your life with organic food. Your Future will be brighter, and you will thank us for it.

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